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Right now we make a lot of food shows, there’s no escaping it…but then Charlotte is a former Series Editor of The Great British Bake Off and David has worked with everyone from Rick Stein to Ainsley Harriott, so it’s kind of what we do!
Beyond that, our development slate is broad, diverse, eclectic, exciting and, in some cases, plain weird. Covering everything from chop and chat to the next big entertainment format…our ambition knows no bounds and we have the capacity, experience and commitment to deliver on it.
But it’s not all we do. We are proud to be makers of Unwind with ITV, innovative bespoke content designed to support people that might be facing mental health challenges, or just need to check in with themselves and take a moment.
We can’t wait for what’s next…meanwhile, here’s a little of what’s been keeping us busy right now

Raymond Blanc’s Royal Kitchen Gardens

Join Raymond Blanc for a fascinating culinary tour from the orchards of Highgrove, to the sea spray scented gardens of the Castle of Mey to the innovative and education focused surroundings of Dumfries House. This series promises to offer the viewer a very special and very personal journey through some of the best kitchen gardens in the country. Join Raymond for a look around the palaces and their gardens like you’ve never seen them before.
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Jimmy’s Taste of Florida

Join Jimmy Doherty as he embarks on a culinary tour of Florida. From the historic neighbourhoods of Pensacola to the vibrant streets of Miami, Jimmy unveils the state's eclectic food culture. A tapestry of Latin American, Caribbean and Southern influences to name a few! Florida sets the stage for Jimmy's culinary exploration. With its sun-kissed beaches, lush landscapes, and a subtropical climate, the state becomes a canvas for flavours as vibrant as its surroundings.
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Ainsley’s Taste of Malta

Ainsley Harriott is hitting the road again, this time his travels take him to beautiful Malta. A cultural mash up of Sicilian, British, Spanish and even French culture, the cuisine and tradition in Malta offers a rich territory for Ainsley to explore!
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Jason Atherton’s Dubai Dishes

Chef Jason Atherton is in Dubai showcasing some fantastic local ingredients, celebrated foodie hotspots and fantastic local chefs, as he cooks up some delicious recipes inspired by the region.
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Ainsley's Coronation Kitchen

In this one-off special, Ainsley Harriott delivers a mouth-watering menu to celebrate the King’s coronation, with guests Spencer Matthews, Ruby Bhogal, Georgia Toffolo and drinks expert Jilly Goolden.
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Ainsley’s Fantastic Flavours Series 1

Filled with flavour packed dishes, this series see Chef Ainsley Harriott celebrate every ingredient & inspire you to liven up every meal!
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Jeremy Pang’s Asian Kitchen

Join Chinese chef, cookbook writer and cookery schoolteacher, Jeremy Pang on a culinary journey filled with the tastes of Asia. Jeremy’s aim is to inspire a nation of enthusiastic and adventurous home cooks to try more Chinese and Asian recipes themselves. He’s on a mission to prove delicious Asian food shouldn’t just be from your local take away… it’s really not as complicated you think!
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Ainsley’s Good Mood Food Series 2

Join chef Ainsley Harriot for a second series celebrating delicious food that really boosts your mood! There’s no two ways about it – Food Can Make You Feel Amazing! Food nourishes, it replenishes, it lifts you when you are down and keeps you smiling when you want to party.
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Simply Raymond Blanc Series 1

A collection of wonderful recipes from the master himself and unprecedented access to the incredible gardens of Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons…the perfect recipe!
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Ainsley's Good Mood Food Series 1

Ainsley is back to put us all in a good mood with carefully selected recipes guaranteed to conjure up all the feels!
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Unwind with ITV

First commissioned in 2021, and now on its third series, Unwind with ITV continues to be at the forefront of mindfulness programming.
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