Unwind with ITV

First commissioned in 2021, and now on its third series, Unwind with ITV continues to be at the forefront of mindfulness programming.
Since its launch, Unwind with ITV has attracted over 8.3 million viewers, with an average of 1.5 million tuning in monthly. The shows are made up of glorious landscapes from around the UK; from the majestic mountains of Glen Coe to the sheltered coves of Devon. This is interspersed with graphics designed specifically to promote mindfulness and calm, and real time footage of artists at work; from oil painters to carpenters, all underpinned by a bespoke soundtrack from BMG and VO of poems and tips for relaxation. Airing on ITV, ITV2, ITV3, ITV4, STV and ITV X, Unwind is also available as part of the line-up of FAST channels offered within the 'Live TV' section of ITVX, representing what is believed to be a world first; offering viewers a new episode of mindfulness content 365 days a year.


356 x 75'




TV Series


2021 - Present


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