Raymond Blanc’s Royal Kitchen Gardens

Join Raymond Blanc for a fascinating culinary tour from the orchards of Highgrove, to the sea spray scented gardens of the Castle of Mey to the innovative and education focused surroundings of Dumfries House. This series promises to offer the viewer a very special and very personal journey through some of the best kitchen gardens in the country. Join Raymond for a look around the palaces and their gardens like you’ve never seen them before.
Raymond Blanc loves his own garden, but in this series he is heading off to tour the kitchen gardens of five of the most beautiful Royal Palaces around the UK. HRH King Charles has long advocated the ‘kitchen garden’ and his extensive and very personal interest in gardening, sustainability, climate change, and delicious outdoor larders, has created some incredible spaces in the grounds of the Royal Households Over ten episodes, Raymond will be discovering the secrets of their gardens and the wonderous produce they’re growing there. He’ll be meeting the staff whose hard work makes the glorious grounds possible and getting a sneak peek into life at a palace. Each episode will be packed with delicious dishes inspired by the produce in the gardens, whether its Raymond’s own at Le Manoir or at the Palaces, as he is cooked for by the resident chefs.


10 x 60'




Food Show




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