Who we are

what we are about

Happy people are more productive. FACT. We are happy people.

Our HQ is in one of the nicest places it is possible to have an HQ, and we want to be the nicest place to work in telly. We’re flexible, supportive and ready to enjoy the right work/ life balance. We want board meetings to actually happen on boards (wetsuits optional).

When we cycle to work we always go the long way. We get in after we’ve dropped the kids off and we won’t miss that nativity play, birthday, or date.

Importantly, we will never, wittingly, fail to recognise the value of a good lunch.

This all means that we’re ready, whatever the challenge.
Fulfilled, refreshed, content, crammed full of ideas
and eager to do our thing.

We are also super proud of our south west regional roots
and advocates for the amazing production talent, on and off screen, to be found hidden away beyond big city limits right across the UK.

Our Story

Our Work

We launched in 2019, so we’re young, hungry and ambitious. But whilst we’re a young company we have a great deal of experience in our team…so we know what we’re doing!

Right now we make food shows. There’s no escaping it…it’s what we do, and always will we’re sure. But it won’t be all we do. Our development slate is broad, diverse, eclectic, exciting and, in some cases, plain weird.

We can’t wait for what’s next…

The Team

David Nottage
Founder and MD
Youthful, charismatic and creatively gifted…the award-winning lifestyle producer David Nottage has personally written all of the profiles on this page himself. David’s early inspiration was John Pilger, so naturally he has gone on to have an enviable reputation in TV food programming.

Most likely to be: Playing my guitar.
Least likely to be: On time.
Charlotte Davis
Creative Director
You’ll have enjoyed the fruit of Charlotte’s expertise if you followed Bake Off from the BBC to Channel 4. You most likely didn’t watch Meat the Family, also on Channel 4, but she urges you to find it on catch up. She’s full of…ideas.

Most likely to be: Wearing patterns that clash.
Least likely to be: Bothered.
Fran Mattinson
Head of Production
Calm under pressure, always in control, great attention to detail with a knack for solving problems before they happen. These are just some of the things Fran wanted us to write in her profile.

Most likely to be: Double checking the numbers.
Least likely to be: Convinced that the numbers add up.
Meg Keegan
Oyster Numero Uno! First through the door, the original and the best. She loves a wall planner and is pretty keen on a colour-coded file divider, which might explain how she keeps us all pointing in the right direction.

Most likely to be: Asking for a new whiteboard.
Least likely to be: Unwrapping a new whiteboard.
Hannah Wilson
One woman production tornado - Hannah Wilson - is about four people wrapped into one. Whatever you need, she’ll have it covered…before you know you need it.

Most likely to be: Calling in props.
Least likely to be: Unable to take on any more work.
Vinny Basra
Undeniably the most handsome man in television, Vinny made the leap from ‘Blues&Twos’ access docs to the heady world of  Food and Travel and has never looked back. Our man in London, he is always promising to come and spend time with us down in the country but never does. We love him all the same.

Most likely to be: Looking calm under pressure.
Least likely to be: Feeling calm under pressure.
Tara Stones
No challenge too great, no question too obscure. Need to know which 5 species the global Twitching community prize the most? Ask Tara! Giving substance and meaning to our crazy development slate by day, recording her own Movie Podcast by night…she is THE PERSON to have on your pub quiz team.

Most likely to be: Explaining her internet search history.
Least likely to be: Watching ‘Show Girls’.
Olwyn Mathews
Production Manager
Former presenter of critically-acclaimed ITV regional smash hits ‘Homework’ and ‘Learning Curves’,  Ol has hung up her on screen boots and now keeps other presenters and their crews on the straight and narrow.

Most likely to be: Laughing
Least likely to be: Grumpy